David Brickhill-Jones

David Brickhill-Jones   __   CEO / Camera Operator

Co-founder and CEO of KopterCam, David is responsible of company operations and logistics along side being our primary Camera Operator. 

Originally a professional sportsman, he has brought the same dedication and commitment along with him. Started KopterCam with Marco back in the days before drones were cool.

Marco Godles   __   CTO / RC Pilot

Co-founder and CTO of KopterCam, Marco is responsible for system maintenance and operations. Often referred to by others as a tech wizard, Marco has been working in the IT & Media industry for over 15 years.

Marco has been building and flying RC systems from a young age. With the added experience and training in electrical and mechanical engineering, he’s equipped with the toolset to create technical solutions, no matter how demanding.

Marco Godles
Reima Anttila

Reima Anttila   __   Sales & Marketing Manager

Co-owner and Sales Manager of KopterCam, Reima is responsible for client communications, sales and marketing along with being a producer for KopterCam's productions.

Having worked in several large agencies, Reima has an extensive experience from the marketing and advertising industry, enabling him understand clients needs and thus serving them with best possible solutions, always with a big smile. Reima is also a seasoned camera operator, creative mind and a photo and film enthusiast.

Ben Daley   __   Camera Operator / Video Editor

Ben has been a long time creative with experience in illustration, design, photography and video art. Since joining the team he has taken the role of in house video editor and become one of our most frequently used camera operators. 

With a distinctive eye and a passion for the unusual, Ben offers an individual taste when approaching filming, having the ability to recognise what type of shot will best suit each of the many unique camera systems that KopterCam offers.

He also flies the occasional drone wink

Ben Daley

Teppo Salonen   __   RC Pilot

The most recent asset to KopterCam team, Teppo has been flying drones for several years, with background as drone trainer, technical sales specialist and repair expertise.

Passionate for adventures and a positive open-minded attitude, Teppo is always ready to get along in all-round situations. Combined with desire in cinematography and photography, he is detailed oriented and quality driven.

Teppo Salonen

Jony Karlsson   __   DOP

Our DOP, Jony Karlsson, began filming at a young age creating snowboarding videos. This opened oportunities for him to travel the world and eventually pursue studies and a career in Cinematography.

Being one of the newest members of the KopterCam team, he brings a wealth of industry knowledge, experience and enthusiasim while always striving to get that perfect shot.

Jony Karlsson