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KopterCam Industrial is a valuable partner for drone based aerial inspecting, mapping and LiDAR enhanced photogrammetry. As a leading drone operating company in Finland, KopterCam utilises world class piloting expertise to provide its industrial clients with first-rate results.

The presence of drones has significantly changed how building information modelling, construction and structural inspections are done globally. Whether the aim is to carry out aerial inspections covering a large area or of a difficult-to-reach target in higher altitudes, KopterCam Industrial offers solutions with an economically efficient up-to-date approach.


We provides a wide range of industries drone inspection flight operations. Aerial analysis can be made in real time through streamed live visual inspections where the drone pilot is guided by the client remotely using a mobile-over-web feed. This guarantees higher accuracy on details of the inspected site and assists with data integrity of the congregated information.

Examples of KopterCam industrial aerial inspection services: 
- Streamed live visual inspections
- Thermal mapping to achieve higher energy efficiency through minimizing heat loss (commercial/industrial/residential premises), 
- Structural integrity inspections of wind turbines, 
- Railways
- Bridges 
- Power lines
- Greenhouses.


KopterCam Industrial helps construction companies, contractors, architects and industry consultancies to carry out drone surveys to create 2D and 3D models of new developments as well as for renovation, repair and maintenance ventures. KopterCam drone surveys help adding real-world conditions into the design and construction phases of a given project by providing necessary photogrammetry and LiDAR data to be integrated to the building information model. KopterCam Industrial tailors the drone workflow individually for each client case depending on the project and the particular data requirements.


Drone photogrammetry with LiDAR added accuracy can be used to map different phases of a construction project from predesign through design to continuous project stage management. In planning maintenance and repair schemes for older buildings KopterCam Industrial provides an opportunity to fast-track creating new blueprints of the site if current blueprints are not available.

KopterCam Industrial also assists in communication and collaboration of building, infrastructure and industrial construction projects. The communication between different stakeholders can be greatly improved with single point-of-origin information distribution using drone photogrammetry and live streaming. The gathered data can be used as well to liaise with outside interest groups or end-users. Contact KopterCam Industrial Services Sales for more on the possibilities of over the web live streaming solutions that can be utilized for site supervision and phase management.


  • 12 MP - 24mm Wide Camera - 82.9° DFOV
  • 20 MP Zoom Camera - 23× Hybrid Optical Zoom
  • Radiometric Thermal Camera - 640×512 px
  • Laser RangeFinder - 1200 m Max Range
  • IP44 Rating
  • -20°C to 50°C Operating Temperature
  • Active Image Stabilization and EIS
  • Night Scene Mode


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