Remote Streaming

Remote Streaming

KopterCam offers a reliable, secure and sub-second latency live streaming platform for any size commercial or film set from almost any location. Using the latest technology in bonded LTE networking & custom servers, KopterCam can provide multiple video streams & remote communication, embedded on a single web page. This means no third party apps, no video-conference compression, full flexibility and customisation options and complete security.

KopterCam’s streaming platform has been developed specifically for the film and commercial industry in mind.

The Covid-19 Pandemic has catalysed a movement towards working remotely across all sectors as businesses begin to look forward to a world post-pandemic. The film, commercial and events industries also need to look forward in order to visualise a production environment where key creatives are not physically present on location.

What is live streaming

There are many live streaming technologies and services worldwide. These options range from individuals broadcasting, real time videos over social networks, to large content distribution networks such as Netflix, DSTV, Hulu etc. The solution required for the film, commercial and events industries in Finland must prioritise quality of service, image fidelity & low latency.

    1. Establishing a reliable and secure platform for broadcasting and viewing real-time content.
    2. Creating a standard for reliable remote communications to be used between set and contributors
    3. Hardware easily adapted and scaled to meet production demand
    4. Trained streaming technicians to be available on set
    5. Weather-proof, fully contained, battery operated
    6. Establish documentation and knowledge-base for the best possible client experience

Suggested Remote Production Outline:
- Stream a live High-Definition picture from set to remote contributors using a high speed ‘bonded’ cellular connection (Client, Agency, Directors, Producers, HODs, Editorial etc)
- Establish an additional BTS (behind the scenes) camera view from set to provide context for remote directors or contributors using a separate high speed internet connection.
- Provide a communication platform for efficient and controlled communication from on-set technicians to remote contributors. (text or video chat, conference calls, etc)

How it works

1. Encode HD video source (Direct from camera, recording system or local wireless video transmission)
2. Capture encoded stream on cloud-based server
3. Option available to record stream on cloud-based server
4. Use cloud-based software decoder to distribute stream to multiple viewing platforms
5. Deliver to viewing platform which includes the live-streamed video source as well as the collaborative communication portal.


We establish a private, secure portal for you and your collaborators in which they can login and view the camera feed as well as have access to the communication platform. This portal is project based and can be custom branded with different user layouts and permissions.

Client portal features:
- Custom branding & layout
- Video chat
- Text chat
- Multiple camera streams on the same page
- Private & secure link
- Custom URL


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